Save Lincoln County Jobs and Businesses

Save Lincoln County Jobs and Businesses

I Support Oregon Coast Tourism

Vote NO on Ballot Measure 21-203!

Today, as you read this, there are groups of vocal and active individuals who are dedicating significant time and energy to attempt to ban Short-Term Rentals in Lincoln County.

This would have a devastating impact on our local economy, on locally owned small businesses, and could result in thousands of jobs lost, jobs proudly held now by local citizens who work in the Tourism and Hospitality industries.

It is time to speak up, loudly, and protect our jobs and our ability to make a life for ourselves and our families on the Oregon Coast. It is time to make sure our Lincoln County Commissioners and other elected officials know that we expect them to act to protect our jobs, our livelihoods, and the economic vitality of Lincoln County.

Join us, and let's make sure our voices are heard!

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We want our elected commissioners and other officials to know that Tourism and Hospitality IS how we make a life for ourselves and our families on the Oregon Coast. We want our jobs and our livelihood protected.

We are a group of local citizens coming together, creating a movement, to help fellow Lincoln County workers, taxpayers, homeowners, and business owners communicate the crucial importance of Short-Term Rentals and Tourism to our communities.

We understand the millions of dollars our industry helps generate for schools and other public programs that we want to protect. We want our voices to be heard. We are proud to live and work in Tourism and Hospitality in Lincoln County.

Get Out And Vote!

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  • Complete your ballot as soon as possible. Mail if before October 26th. Use drop box if on or after October 27th. Voting ends 8:00 pm, Tuesday, November 2nd.
  • Encourage every voting member of your family and your close friends to VOTE NO on Measure 21-203

Measure 21-203 Facts

Measure 21-203, is a ban on short term rentals (STRs) in Lincoln County that will appear on the November 2021 ballot. The measure is designed to phase out STRs in the County. A ban on STRs would cripple the number one driver of the Lincoln County economy: Tourism. It would also create an economic hardship for many Oregonians who invested in these properties with the expectation of generating revenue to supplement their income now and during their retirement.

Tourism IS the Lincoln County economy and this measure would devastate it

  • DEVASTATE Local Businesses: $105 Million in tourist spending LOST in Lincoln County
  • DEVASTATE Local Restaurants: $27 Million in spending LOST in our local restaurants from visitors.
  • DEVASTATE Local Workers: Thousands of tourism and hospitality jobs LOST
  • DEVASTATE School/Community: $11.5 Million LOST in city,
  • DEVASTATE Community Development: $3.8 Million LOST in construction and renovation projects
  • This measure, a ban on short term rentals, would eliminate thousands of the rooms in the county available for tourists
  • By eliminating accommodations, this ban would decrease tourism, crippling local restaurants, retail establishments, recreation outfitters and others
  • Much of the tax revenue from short term rentals that helps pay for our library, civic center, first responders and infrastructure would be lost if a ban on short term rentals is passed

This ban ignores private property rights. If the ban on short term rentals passes, many Oregonians would suffer economic harm without compensation

  • The vast majority of short-term rentals are owned by Oregonians - many of whom reside on the Oregon coast
  • The typical STR owner is not a hedge fund or a corporation, but rather every-day Oregonians who purchased their properties to generate income to support them now and into retirement
  • Many STR owners have invested heavily in improving these properties and would lose that investment if a ban is passed
  • A ban on STRs would eliminate revenue and significantly devalue the private property of many Oregonians, without providing compensation for it

This ban is being promoted by wealthy, out-of-state seasonal homeowners who want the Oregon coast for themselves

  • Many of the proponents of this ban are wealthy retirees and other out-of-staters who, now that they have THEIR vacation home, want to deprive Oregonians from enjoying the Central coast
  • This ban is a step away from other restrictions that could make the Oregon coast more exclusive and less affordable for the average Oregonian.

Map of areas and homes that would be removed.